Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dreamin Green

Upon the metaphorical eve of moving back into the house I really want to sell, I found myself thinking of ways to make-do until the time comes when the real estate actually has value again. I am daydreaming of new counter-tops, building in a quaint but oh-so useful garden, and of course, I dream of cheap heat and low electric bills. There I go dreamin' Green again. 

And so, I found myself browsing, drooling on a great place to start Greening your life: Real Goods. 

I found these great dryer balls, that help your clothes dry in less time, saving you more GREEN, while making your laundry so fluffy-fresh. 

I would love to be hardcore-green and line dry everything, but honestly, I'm just not home enough to do that. And while I like the smell of line-dried clothes, the itchy stiffness is something I can do without. Hence, the compromise. I think of it as baby-steps toward being a more responsible person. 

I also found solar outdoor cascading fountains, solar-powered LED spot lights, and even a beginning bee-keeping kit-- though I must confess, I did not order the last one. I'm sure bees have their place in pollinating to their hearts content, but I don't think I could bring myself to KEEP them. At least not yet. 

I'll continue to post about my ongoing house remodel... especially if I can find ways to repurpose, conserve or otherwise get Greener. Until then...